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About Pam

I am a wife to an amazing man that I don’t have to hide my craft supplies from and that is so awesome!!!

I am also a mom of 4 grown kids and grandma to 9 very amazing grandchildren if I must say so myself, we are empty nester!!! I enjoy all kinds of paper crafts.... alter projects and make cards are my favorite things to do. I recently retired so that gives me more time to create which I truly love to do. I love all styles from Clean and Simple to getting into inks and paints. My favorite thing is learning to use product in creative ways, that out of the box way of thinking you might say.
I love Diet Coke and chocolate so they must be close at hand when I am creating. I enjoy traveling and usually take a bit of scrapbooking supplies with me...I can't image not being able to create. I am currently on several amazing teams and over the moon excited to be with Emerald Creek Supplies.
Pinterest- https://www.pinterest.com/pammejo/
Twitter: @pammejo
Instagram: PAMMEJO